Santa Cruz Mountain Boys
G. Hardy

Praise For
"The Santa Cruz Mountain Boys"

“The Santa Cruz Mountain Boys brings adventure and challenge to the lives of teen readers. Changes in school bullies give messages of hope to those who experience bullying, and the twists in the story provide great entertainment. A great start to a promising series that is assured to keep the pages turning quickly for many young readers.”
                                                                                Lisa Joseph, School Librarian

“This is the kind of book middle school principals love to see their students engaged in – excitement, adventure and mystery with character education woven within the story.”
                                                            Brenda LeBrasse, Middle School Principal

“As a middle school counselor, I recommend The Santa Cruz Mountain Boys for pre-teen and teen readers. The book mixes an exciting story line with a character-building message; the characters confront mystery and excitement while facing moral challenges which strengthen their integrity.”
                                                                            Katie Flemate, School Counselor

"Hardy has written an exciting adventure, not just for middle-level readers, but for all. An action-packed adventure which appeals to boys and girls. A return to realistic fiction!"
                                                                           Letty Burr, Language Arts Teacher