Santa Cruz Mountain Boys
G. Hardy

Which Book Would You Choose

Imagine you had a bookmark that would take you into the book of your choice! That’s the adventure Ricky Cardenez finds.

Just when Ricky is at his wit’s end, being bullied by the three meanest kids in school, a mysterious man named Redhorse appears and rescues him. The man gives Ricky what he says is an angel’s feather, passed down through generations for over a thousand years, and instructs him to use it as a bookmark. But this is no ordinary bookmark! Redhorse tells Ricky that with the bookmark’s powers, he can actually travel into any book and become a part of the story.

As Ricky adventures, he is amazed and awed at the bookmark’s powers. He soon gets the notion to use the bookmark to rewrite history and make his greatest wish come true—to meet the father he’s never known.

Strap on your seatbelt and join the exciting adventures with the modern-day knights known as the Santa Cruz Mountain Boys!